Re: Oh no, extremely high wsc!

JOYCE MROZIELSKI <joycemrozielski@...>

Hello Maria,
I had my hay analyzed in March, my own hay from last year.  The WSC was 24.3% (in Dry Matter), ESC was 14% and starch was .2% .  My god, how did I make such rich hay?????
I soaked my  hay and still continued to feed it to my two horses, one who got laminitis in November/December, and my other healthy one.
I decided to get my soaked hay analyzed, so in April I sent to Forageplus a sample of soaked, then dried hay.
The results were : WSC 18.3%, ESC 6.5% and Starch : 2.6% (hmmm, starch went up!??).
My horses ate this hay all the way until end of May when there was no more left.  
I had soaked it for about 2 to 3 hours.  I was too lazy to rinse (sorry, but I would have IF there had been a reaction).  Plus my horse who was diagnosed IR in February, did not get the correct protocol for withdrawing blood, plus we have questions about the French laboratory who did the analysis, and due to all this I'm still questioning...  I scheduled another blood test next week with a new vet and using Liphook in England to check for PPID and IR.
So the purpose of this email is to say, continue with that hay, and soak it in cold water for a couple of hours.
Good luck!
Joyce & Izmir
Normandy, France
March 2012

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