Re: Diesel's very scary #'s--trying not to panic NOW: panicking

Elva J Mico

aliby100 wrote:
I had a choice to renew my AlCar, metformin and get .25 pergo to up
his dose or put gas in my car--I chose the meds but feeling very
scared and discouraged and wondering what other weapons I can add to
the arsenal, even if I did have $$? Obviously I can't, as much as I
wish I could, do another blood test right now, but I don't think I
need a blood test to tell me what's happening here... Dr. Kellon, you
Dear Alison,
I understand, believe me I really do. I truly wish I could tell you of a magic bullet, heck wish I had one for me too. I agree, you don't need another blood test to tell you what is going on. Try upping the pergolide with your .25's and keep him iced. Talk to Diesel, tell him what is happening and ask him what to do.....if you listen he may very well tell you. Sometimes to do nothing is best. Just keeping him as comfortable as possible might be all that is needed right now. So sorry I don't have an answer but am trying to send prayers and moral support through the atmosphere for you.

Elva and Angel Satin
June 2004=NM

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