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I need opinions before I test. Bottom line questions: For a test at 8am, do I feed hay, in addition to her usual 5 lbs that lasts 1.5 hours in a net, the evening before we test? I usually feed between 10pm and midnight.

Do I give hay in the am, as usual at 6:30am, before her test? Based on the info below (and what I read by Dr. K that I can't find again)I think not.

Or, is better to test at a different time of day? For example, remove hay at 9am and test at 1pm?

Or, for my purposes, would it best to go back to the other standard which I believe is a flake of hay at 10pm and draw blood in the am before feeding anything?

Again, I just need a method that can be consistent and comparable to a standard. I understand the poly tech way is a ratio of her numbers. But we do compare that ratio to others. So, I need to be sure I'm operating within the protocol.

I appreciate your help because I really am not clear. Sadly, I'm a very linear thinker ... please bear with me.

Paula, MT

Thank you Lavina. I recently found in the info you include below about non-fasting in an article or post by Dr. K. Now, I can't find my way back to that info and it was really good. Can you direct me back that info?
My testing has been non-fasting, but I fed as usual late evening...about 5 lbs of hay(of the 18 lbs she gets per day). Even in a net, not enough to last all night. Provided hay at the usual time in the morning and pulled blood within an hour or two. My guess is she had been 6 hours with no hay by the time I fed in the am. So, are we saying here to provide enough hay to last all night, even if that means feeding more than usual?
For her, this is not diagnostic. I just need readings that are as consistent as possible. The emphasis has been on the ACTH value on the tests. But, I need to have a good insulin number to know if the pergolide dose and the ACTH value reflected by that dose is affecting insulin.
I have the impression high cortisol is a pathway elevating insulin. Is this correct?
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Has this group encountered cases of high insulin triggered by a disease process or condition other than IR and PPID?
Hi Paula,
Sorry this wasn't addressed earlier. Yes: exercising before testing; eating within four hours of the test if there was a period of more than 6 hours previous to that with no food; high sugar/starch feeds within 2 hours of the test; diseases such as Lyme; in mares, possible hormonal/reproductive issues can all raise the insulin reading.

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