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I am glad you got those x-rays. Now, if you have tears, get them over and done with! I have learned that each time I have a set back with Pap that a good cry gets all those good hormones flowing and I am fortified to fight that enemy!

Hi Linda -

Have had a chance to put a couple of markups in your folder.


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West Coast
May 2004
Read and studied every word....Printed for trimmer. then found trimmer on vacation and can't get her til Tuesday. I almost grabbed tools and tried myself. Controlled the urge but I am in agony now that I realize what needs to be done.

QUESTION: Additional agony. Had turned him out with muzzle then rode out on barn owner's horse around property. Roo came galloping from at least an acre away and ran along the fence line with us. #1 Have I psychologically scarred him by letting him see me on another horse. #2 Could the running damage his feet because he still has the long toes? It was grass pasture softened by recent rains.

Thank you for caring abut us.

Linda and Roo
Alabama Apr2012

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