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Linda <PapBallou@...>

Read and studied every word....Printed for trimmer. then found trimmer on vacation and can't get her til Tuesday. I almost grabbed tools and tried myself. Controlled the urge but I am in agony now that I realize what needs to be done.
Hi Linda -

Of course you can do some work on the trim. If anything, I think you should pick around and just see what is there and what you anticipate getting off. If some pops off, then fine.

#1 Have I psychologically scarred him by letting him see me on another horse.
I doubt it!

#2 Could the running damage his feet because he still has the long toes? It was grass pasture softened by recent rains.
This is really unanswerable since different horses tolerate things so differently. I would try to keep this at a minimum though, until he is trimmed correctly, and in boots. I think you have boots? If not, would get some. I think the toe trimming will not be such an issue for him, but when the overlaid bar comes off, he will lose some of the protection (although totally wrong protection) that has kept sole from engaging directly with the ground.

I would anticipate that there is a good environment for thrush-like problems under that bar, or branching through the dead sole. Would have a thrush product available.

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