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I need opinions before I test. Bottom line questions: For a test at 8am, do I feed hay, in addition to her usual 5 lbs that lasts 1.5 hours in a net, the evening before we test?

Hi Paula,
Not an expert at all, but my "layman's" way of thinking of the" feeding for the test" thing is this. If time has gone by since they last ate, then the next meal (talking hay here) will set off an insulin surge that will effect results for 4 hrs. So if they can't have 24/7 hay, I think it would be, as an example: feed their hay at 7:00 am then wait 4 hours for the test, and I think it's ok if they have hay during that 4hrs. No grains etc. before the test (which these guys don't get grain) but I'd have to go to the files for the protocol on meds etc. I think that's it, please someone correct me if I flubbed it. Thanks. My boy freaks out over needles so we've just diag IR on symptoms so far, but I really do need to get him tested too, so I know exactly where we stand.
Laura K. Chappie & Beau

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