Prascend vs. Photosensitivity/Allergies to medication


Sorry for posting again with no case history link - I dont seem to be able to join the relevant group 6.

I have a late teens welsh mare - about 11"3 and about 220kg in weight - she is slightly above how I would like her, but I prefer to have her under weight as she is a "fat on thin air" pony. I ride her (5ft1 and about 8.5stone) - we do low intensity hacking on an intermittant basis. She is currently out during the night and in during the day. She is turned out on ex-quarry land so rough sparse grazing which is fab for exercising her!

She also has a diagnosis of pemphigus foliaceous/pemphigus erythematosus which are rare autoimmune disorders. She is intolerant of garlic, mollases, alfalfa and grass... sunlight makes her skin blister primarily on her face. Largely this is controlled by rugging, avoiding sunlight and Global Herbs Skratch Plus.

She is also a laminitic - had one episode in January, following escaping and eating a bucket of meadow mix - recoevered in six weeks with no complications or problems. Her feet are in good shape, and that is the only "serious" episode in the four years since I bought her. She is very sensitive to sugars though and becomes footy easily - but I keep her barefoot so I can take her off grass/turnout as soon as this happens.

She scored 100 on the cushings test and negative for IR testing though I dont have the I/G figures.


I posted about two weeks ago around concerns around photosensitivity and prascend - and it seems my worries weren't entirley unfounded - within twelve hours of having half a tablet, she was itchy, foot sore and stable was positivley swampy.

After nearly a week the footyness had improved, not as sound as she was before, but much improved. The itching had stopped getting worse - she was more itchy than before but stable. So I put it up to 1mg as per vets advice, she now has eeven more open sores on her face (jaws/cheeks/ears/forelock/behind ears) but sores on her legs too from chewing them. She is miserable with the itching and now her neck has become cresty - even more so than the laminitis attack in January. She is hot and irritable as a result. Sadly her appetite hasnt diminished though her bed has gone back to normal wetness.

I have spoken to my vet, who would like me to try and stick with it for another ten days if she can cope with it - I sat and cried with her tonight as she is so miserabel with the itching and I know Im doing this to her. The cushings has never "directly" caused her a problem - her diet and lifestyle is micromanaged anyway due to PF but I hoped the prascend may help further with the skin problems.


Has anyone else experienced this reaction to the medication?

What would your approach be? Are there alternatives to be thinking about?

Sorry this is so long... hope there is enough information!



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