Re: Triple Crown Safe Starch Forage

Joyce/K-J Hollow Andalusians

I, like many have it so engrained in our minds horses need grain as a part
of their daily diet. I have found it very hard to get out of that thinking.
With some exception of horses, such as high uses or an elderly senior who
no longer can maintain there weight, there natural diet really should only
be grasses or hay. Maybe that is why it is hard to except OBTB hay cubes or
BP along with vitamin/minerals as a complete diet? I am speaking for myself
with 40 yrs of horse ownership under my belt. It has been a battle to let
the grain go. I feel like I am not giving them proper care, knowing far
well they don't need it, and most likely what has been a contributing factor
to the IR problem in 1st place.

Just a thought,

Joyce & Ladina

MN, Feb 2006

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