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My vet is "very uncomfortable" increasing my horse's pergolide scrip to 8 mg. I only have 4 day's supply left, so I need some answers quick! Are there sources out there (preferably scientific research papers) I can point him to where doses higher than 5 mg have been used? I know IR is a big piece of the problem here, maybe more so than the Cushings per se, but I don't know what else to do to stave off the laminitis.
Hi Lisanne
My mare is currently on 13mgs. I'm sorry I thought I had replied to this already! In the files you will find a bunch of documents giving hints and ideas on how to convince your vet to increase pergolide dosage. There is one called GETTING HIGHER PERGOLIDE DOSAGES explaining how to approach your vet about getting higher dosages:

It has some links to the science but there are likely even more documents in the files since the writing.

I just want to remind members that the files are full of documents that summarize or explain many important topics. WHEN TIME IS OF THE IMPORTANCE LOOK IN THE ECIR FILES TABLE OF CONTENTS (TOC). In it you will find the "Also See" sections that lead to more information hidden through out the ECIR Group - this is feature you won't find in the files. For instance in the TOC's pergolide dosage folder Also See section, is a link to Pergolide Dosage Database - where members list their pergolide dosages, give links to case histories and other important data for people wanting to know what is really going on with pergolide dosages.

I hope this answer isn't too late for you Lisanne. Links to Database and TOC in my signature below.

- LeeAnne 03/04
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