Re: Help please: Need to justify high pergolide dose to vet


Hi Alison

Just to clarify, this is for metformin (for insulin resistance), not pergolide (for PPID).

For metformin, it's not 30 mg twice a day, it's a calculation -
30 mg per kg of horse's bodyweight, twice a day. So for a 500 kg horse, 500 kg x 30 mg = 15000 mg / 1000 = 15 g per dose, and you give that 15 g dose two times a day.

France/UK Jan 2010

30 mg twice a day? So, 60 mg all together?
Alison/Diesel 08/11
Parker, TX

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Andy Durham's recommended dose for Metformin is 30 mg/kg bodyweight twice a day.

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