Re: Grade 1 Laminitis?

Eleanor Kellon, VMD

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Could someone please take a look at the x-rays of 8/18/12. Is there a change in the coffin bone as compared to x-rays of 3/27/12?
There's no change in the coffin bones. He has active ringbone, widened coffin joint space likely from inflammation and increased joint fluid. There is sinking but it hasn't changed in years. The horn lamellar zone is wider than normal for a thoroughbred but probably not for a warmblood. He has zero palmar angle and on the left his hoof pastern axis is broken back.

I called my farrier this weekend .... He said I should stop giving him injections to see if it cools down.
There's no way Tildren, HA or Adequan will cause foot problems. You should follow your vet's advice.

Speaking of which, if you're going to keep him in shoes, the ones your vet suggested are a very good choice but that's getting OT for this group.

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