Re: Sonny hay

Deb Barnes

You'd be using about one ounce per day of the Equi-Phos. There are 16 ounces in a pound. 20 pounds will last a really long time - my math says almost a year (20x16 = 320). That's 22 cents a day.
I understand that, but this 100 bales will not last a year. I'll be lucky if it lasts until the end of November. Then I'll be getting new hay, new testing, new balances. So it does not pay me to get large amts. I see Horse Tech has Phos-4 in 5 lb packages.

And just an FYI- I have not been able to access Horse Tech ever in Firefox. I had to come over to IE to find them.

You can use any other product as long as it gives the right amount of biotin and methionine. You were giving 20 mg biotin and 4200 mg of methionine in the Integrity Hoof.
So if I cut my IH in half, I need to add 10 mg biotin and 2100 mg of methionine?
Then how much zinc and copper do I need to add? Or do I only add zinc and copper in place of the IH? Do I sound confused??????

Yes, you need to join out sister lists like you joined here.
Deb & Sonny
2010, PA

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