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thank you Lavinia - I want to be prepared as last year he did get quite skinny do I just wanted to make sure I knew what to do of I needed to.

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If he drops weight on his new diet and I need to add Oats, which Oats? Whole, Rolled, Crushed or doesn't it matter? Shesould they be soaked or not?
I was also advised to only feed these when he had worked hard, but wouldnt that cause colic? Is it better to feed a very small amount each day so that when I do need to feed a 50:50 oat/beet split, he is used to them?
Hi Sarah,
You only need to consider the oats addition if Shesky is not able to maintain proper weight and energy on a correct, mineral-balanced, hay-based diet while working regularly.
The type of oats doesn't matter. No, you don't need to soak them. Just mix it in 50-50 (by dry weight) with the beet pulp and feed within one hour of completeion of exercise. DO NOT use at any other time. The reason to use only at this time is that after exercise the body is able to use the resulting glucose thru a different pathway than the usual insulin-directed one so that the body can absorb the fuel. Normally, the oats will lead to an insulin spike that can set off laminitis in an IR horse. Here is the link to the "Feeding Laminitics Recovered when back to work" file":

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