Re: Equimins Advance Concentrate Meta Balance Formula 1 or 2?

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thank you Lavinia - I want to be prepared as last year he did get quite skinny do I just wanted to make sure I knew what to do of I needed to.

If he drops weight on his new diet and I need to add Oats, which Oats?
Just to make this perfectly clear, weight loss is not a reason to feed oats. Oats are used ONLY to help boost liver and muscle glycogen in IR horses that are in work. Timing of the feeding is very important.

If the horse is not in work, you need safe concentrated fiber sources of calories, like beet pulp or soy hulls. Older horses may also have issues with efficiently utilizing their hay because of changes in the angle of their tooth chewing surface - an issue entirely separately from missing or diseased teeth. Well soaked/wet hay pellets/cubes can make a huge difference for those horses.

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