Re: how to calculate total protein

Nancy C

Hi Jean

Your spread sheet shows she's getting adequate crude protein at 767 grams. Maintenance requirements for and average horse of her size would be 573 grams. (See Line 8)

She might benefit from additional amino acids though: lysine, leucine threonine if you are not still using the Tri Amino.

The control of the PPID is critical though and the protein won't over ride uncontrolled Cushing's.

Could also add more BP and or up the Cubes. Check Dr kellon's message just now to Sarah re: older horse muscle issues for chewing. If the ACTH is controlled upping the Cubes could be a huge help for her. At 26 she may be having a hard time getting all she can from the hay

I'd skip the enrich.


Let us know about your blood work!

Nancy C in NH
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Hi, Could someone please tell me how to calculate the total protein in Lady's diet.

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