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I just found this site and am I ever grateful!! my horse is a Missouri Fox Trotter,newly diagnosed with Insulin Resistence.......
can someone share what has been successful with their horse with IR??
Hi Renee, You'll be getting a welcome with alot of details from one of the pros, but in the meantime... The 1st thing I did was pull Chappie off pasture completely and do the drylot. You'll be getting straight grass hay, magnesium, vit E capsules made with oil, Stabilized ground flax seed , (Horse Tech or Omega Fields) and iodized table salt, to start out.
The hay should be analyzed for sugar and starch to see if it's safe and minerals for balancing. You can soak your hay for now to remove sugars - 1 hr cold or 1/2 hr hot. There's alot to it but once you get going with it, it's not bad. I've been doing the protocol with Chappie for over a year now and he's doing well , you and your horse will too. When I joined, I was bad at computers . The way I get to the files from the e-mails, is to click on an e-mail, then scroll down to " short-cut to url" .....messages., and click on that.Then when the messages pop up, along the left side there's a "files" you can click on and just start with "Start Here". You'll have alot to read for a start and can ask questions as they pop up. I'm so glad your girl didn't founder and you caught it in time.
Laura K. Chappie & Beau

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