Re: Help please: Need to justify high pergolide dose to vet


Yes, thank you, Andrea (again!). Diesel is IR/PPID and on Metformin (as well as pergolide), and hasn't been doing very well since his last chemo for SCC in early June. I am busy in the trenches with him and so haven't had time to keep up with the group like I was, but try to scan the posts in hope of finding something to help him. That's how I realized that my vet's RX for Metformin was only 1/2 the recommended amount, and so was wondering if recommendations had increased.
Diesel hates the Metformin anyway. Has anyone else had adverse reactions/effects from using it? He is a super trooper, but when he sees the dose syringe with the Metformin he does what he can to get away and it is breaking my heart. I know it causes stomach upset in some human patients. I have been trying to justify it because of purported cancer-fighting properties, (, but that is getting more and more difficult.
We are having a hard time, and I am in despair.
Alison/Diesel 08/11
Parker, TX

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Just to clarify, this is for metformin (for insulin resistance), not pergolide (for PPID).

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