Re: latest blood work


Hi Laura,
In Mill's case, we have been testing throughout the year since her ACTH was fine the end of Jan but above normal in April. We checked after increasing her dose 3 more times. She had patchy hair loss and weight/muscle loss in June & July but no hoof issues (knock on wood!). I am waiting to hear back on increasing her dose further for the year and hope not to test again in a hurry.

She gets her Pergolide by hand in a small amount of alfalfa pellets.

Jennifer & Mill in TN

We upped his Pergolide by .50 a week ago so he is now on 2.5 mg capsules. Just for curiousity's sake, did you see changes in him that made you want to do testing? Were his feet sore? How are you giving Mills his Pergolide, do you pull the capsules apart or just put them in his mouth.

Did you put him on a higher dose again and if so how long before you will test?

Laura Mollrich
Laguna Beach, CA

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