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Had a new vet out last week to re-evaluate our game plan and retest lady's ACTH since increasing Prascend to 1.5mg. In July it was 68, now 58.4. He is pleased w decrease....I had to twist his arm to agree to increasing dose to 2mg. He wants to retest in Dec. I am very pleased with him as a vet, he is knowledgable and respects the info provided by Dr. Kellon and this group. He actually asked me Dr. K's opinion on Prascend. He is willing to prescribe whatever will work for the horse and what is the owners preference. Not what I am used to, but what I was hoping for :).
He says he tests all his pts with cushings in Dec. Says that is when he gets the most accurate picture. Not sure I get his me it seems the damage is already done by then and you chase the numbers like I have been doing for 2yrs. I refuse to believe that I cannot get her number backinto the normal matter what the month. Am I being unrealistic? Her weight and muscle loss is still my biggest concern. She is still on Tri-Amino. Any suggestions?
Thank you
Jean and lady
CT 2005

She might benefit from additional amino acids though: lysine, leucine threonine if you are not still using the Tri Amino.

The control of the PPID is critical though and the protein won't over ride uncontrolled Cushing's.
Let us know about your blood work!

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