Re: can ESC+Starch be too low?

Linda <PapBallou@...>

I'm looking at a 2nd cutting OG hay tonight that has a an esc+starch of 3.8 %, protein at 10.8%, ADF/NDF 42/64, DE .79. All of the major and trace minerals seem fairly easy to balance, and iron is at 286.

Too good to be true? Can ESC+Starch be too low??

Hi Kim -

S/s can be too low if the horse is working, but there are feeding strategies that you can follow to help with that.

The fiber content is pretty high, so it might not be the ynmmiest hay as far as your horses are concerned. You will probably want to balance at 200% since the minerals that are associated with the non-soluble fiber will pass on through with it.

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