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We've been having a horrible time finding good hay this year. .....He also had some Utah and some Ontario timothy, but he didn't tell us until we got there that it was last year's cutting. We took samples of those, also, just in case that's all we can find, but certainly, that's not desirable.
Hi Gayle,
Good news on Sabrina, I know you've worked hard to get her sound. Good grief, what a horrible thing for your hay man. If the year old hay tests well, and looks good, I wouldn't hesitate to buy it, if it's been stored well and isn't musty. It will lose vit A, and E, of course but you can suppl. those, we do the E anyway, & the minerals will be stable. So if the other options don't work, I think the older stuff, if the tests are good, would be OK.
Laura K. Chappie & Beau

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