Re: Question on Hay


We've been having a horrible time finding good hay this year

I al most didn't respond to you because when I mapquested the disance from your place to this hay, it said 10 1/2 hours--one way.  But then I saw that you said you had called "all over the country", so...Check this out:

The hay is tested and I actually have a copy of the hay analysis.  If you want it, I can forward it to you.  He has this Timothy/brome mix and a Timothy/OG mix too.  I am pretty sure he won't deliver to you, but if you could pick it up?  I know someone who bought the Tim/Brome mix and said it is very nice hay.  And the test was the 603 at EA, so it would save you $50.  There are other options on that hayexchange site, if you haven't already checked it out. 

Good luck.  Sorry to hear about your hay man--that's horrible!

Maggie and Chancey in VA
March 2011

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