Re: Question on Hay


Thank you, Laura, Maggie, and Barbara. Laura, we might have to go with the year old hay, but I hate that.

Thanks for the link, Barbara. I just checked through all the listings. There's one I'm going to check out the hay. We usually try to avoid our own state's hay because we don't much favor fescue, and that's Tennessee hay, but we're in trouble.

Maggie, I'd love the report on the hay in Virginia. I've been all over the Hay Exchange. I might even have printed that listing, but I know I never called. I pulled so many. The trick is to find trucking. I'll email you so you can send me the report directly.

Thank you all again. And yes, it's a real bummer for Calvin and his family. He was only 38. Please remember his wife and kids in your prayers.

Still like to know about the oats planted in the KY timothy. Will a test for s/s be enough to know if Sabrina can be safe on it, or is there something else like with alfalfa?

Gayle and Sabrina
Fairview, TN

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