New Hay Question-Please Advise


Hi, Folks. I was doing some reading this weekend about hay. If I understand correctly, we use the ESC + Starch from the Equi reports to see the s/s %, looking for 10 or less. I read an article that they now suggest using the WSC (Water Sol. Carbs). This is on the Equi reports, much higher on every report I've ever received. Have I got my calculations wrong, are things changing, or do you just go higher than 10% if you use the WSC.

Question #2: I can't believe it, but my four tests, mailed Friday and Saturday, just came back. The lowest ESC + starch is 6.8%, which is great and that's this year's hay. The only problem is that this is the hay that the dealer told us was Kansas brome with "a little" alfalfa in it. (BTW, the WSC on this test is 11.8)

The next lowest is timothy from Ontaria, Canada-last years cutting. The ESC is 6.6, the starch 1.3, for a total of 7.9%. (The WSC on that one is 10.5). And strictly speaking, since this hay came all the way from Canada last year, I really don't know if there might be something else beside timothy in it, as is true of most of the hay we buy if we don't know the grower.

So, would we be better with this year's hay at 6.8 with "a little" alfalfa, or last year's hay at 7.9?

Also, please someone answer the question about WSC.

Thank you.

Gayle and Sabrina
Fairview, TN

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