Re: Webinar on Cushings

Saucier Kathy

I listened to it too Susan and heard it from the start. I did not hear any
add for Prascend, which is what I figured the whole program would turn out
to be. I noticed they said pergolide the majority of the time. I had
submitted a question thinking half the people here did too and hoped if
enough were asking the same question, they would cover it. But they didn't.
It had to do with testing proof for Prascend being more effective than the
capsule form (specifically said not liquid or powder) of pergolide.

I was wondering if I hadn't been reading enough on this group since I no
longer have a C's horse, but the comment about testing in fall because the
labs have references for the seasons got me. I know we have more info now
and a test would be informational. But they sounded much more definite than
I thought I knew.

It was more balanced than I expected.

But I know many on this group could have offered even better information. I
filled out a survey and made suggestions. Anyone who gets the email from
them to answer questions from listening in last night should do the same. I
suggested that IR be its own show and suggested they have Dr. Kellon on for
IR, PPID or nutrition.

Kathy Saucier


2005 (no longer have a C's or IR horse)

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