Re: Webinar on Cushings

Saucier Kathy


I am pretty sure I heard the whole thing although I did go in the kitchen,
close by, to do a couple things. I did not hear anything dealing with the
high cost or your question. They said names and states for the submitted
questions & I would have recognized your name. Lots of Kathy's but not mine
either. I heard more questions coming in right at the time than
pre-submitted questions. And those were specific to the person and their
own horse.

If you submitted a question, I think you should be getting a survey. If you
do, one of the first questions has choices where one is "cost". Even though
I don't have a C's or IR horse right now, I checked cost off knowing that is
one of the biggest concerns. (And I am concerned about the cost for all
owners and horses out there!)


Texas 2005

Re: Webinar on Cushings

...Did they answer any questions about the high cost? That is what I asked
about and I think several others did too.

Ferne Fedeli

No. California


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