Re: Cornell Results 9/13/12--Increase Pergolide?

Nancy C

Looks like 9.3 percent sugar to me. That's where I would start.

The cooler idea actually came from long time member Mary M in LA.


I think she used a smaller one that the Igloo. Make sure you stake out where you are going to do this. Moving the thing once it's full of water is impossible. I'm a big girl and can throw hay bales with the rest of them but no way can I lift this when it's full of water.

Make sure you weigh and roll back his amount of hay. Feed the work.

Nancy C in NH
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So it looks to me that you are feeding 33 pounds of food a day, plus split peas. At 1260 pounds that is 2.6% of body weight and could be too much while he's not in work.

High sugar content in the hay could also be an issue.

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