Re: Are these lab results normal or should I re-test?

Zoe Messina

Hi Lorna,

I punched these numbers into the IR calculator and the ratio for me came back as 31.80 where 10 and above is normal.

Did I do this wrong or am I using the incorrect units or something? I will attach the actual blood report to my case history file.... here:

Hope that link works, if it doesnt the history files are here:

If you could check this for me that would be great!

Zoe and Missy
Moorooduc AUS

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Hi Zoe,

Insulin - 3 mU/L (<42)
Glucose - 5.3 mmol?L (3.3-6.7)

I was sure she was going to come back positive but these results are negative.
I have to get to bed,but just wanted to say that ,if my calcs are correct,her ratio is 4.47 (4.5 rounded off)which makes her compensated IR. Or just under the 'line'.

Tightening up her diet as much as possible may be part of the answer.Even a tiny bit of grass may be,as you already suspect,just too much for her.

Lorna in Ontario Canada
ECIR Moderator

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