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So other than Fast Fibre, well soaked hay/straw and restricted grazing, what supplements should I feed to ensure he gets the vitamins & minerals he'll need?

It's so difficult to know what to feed so any advice would be very welcome.
Hi Lesley,

Ultimate Balancer is too much of a good thing for an IR horse - if you would have called the help line of D&H ( really nice people and knowledgable) they would have told you that. If you want to stick to D&H as a brand, their 'Daily Vits&Mins' would be the product to opt for when you want to be sure your horse gets a good level of vitamins and minerals.

Another good product would be Formula4Feet by Equilife.

Ofcourse, according to the policy on this message board, the best way to go about it, is to have your hay tested and have a supplement made based on the outcome of the test.

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