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Thanks everyone, this is a lot of information. I do have access to Triple Crown. I tried to feed it before but the horses I was giving it to reacted to the rice bran. This pony was not one of them so I will go get some for her today. I am keeping her inside in an indoor arena so she is on sand where it is more comfortable and she cannot get any weeds or grass. The 27 year old TB is looking very gimpy too so I think I will shut him up in a smaller area. I can't keep them together because he scares her. I have timothy hay cubes but I don't know what brand they are. I will try soaking them and adding them to the other horses feed. The pony can't eat any grass. She just quids it no matter how fine it is.

I used to feed LDF Low Carb which is beet pulp based. I will check the labels to be sure I find something lower in sugar. I can't believe I didn't look at the Safe Choice to know it is that high in sugar. No wonder.

It is impossible to find a descent vet around here. THe last one sent out a new just graduated student every time I called and no one was available during an emergency. I finally got a retired vet to come and put my horse down. It was horrific. Another vet told me one of my horses did not need pergolide even though her coat was 4 inches long. I don't know who else to contact to get blood work and trust to know how to interpret it.

I will post pictures of their feet and get the hay analyzed, first and second cutting. In fact, I will tell my husband to save some of each (he sells it) so I have it on hand in case what he stacked for me is higher in sugar. I got magnesium citrate yesterday and started them all on it.

I am on my way out for the feed now so I can give her that instead of the Nutrena. I will re-read the posts to see what I have missed.

Thanks very much,

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