Re: Pony with Laminitis - need help


I just got the Low Starch feed by Triple Crown. The TB can hardly walk this morning. Now he is getting the Low Starch as well to be sure his diet is ok. I am soaking timothy hay cubes.

What should I do about the pergolide? Should I double the dose and give it to them once a day instead of twice? What about butte? Should they be getting that? I am calling the vet again to get some.

We are in the valley surrounded by forest fires. There has been thick smoke for nearly two months so it almost like winter. Maybe that is setting this off so badly. My pony has never been lame a day in her life. These guys were bucking and cantering two months ago. The other mare is the one who was gimpy all the time with arthritis and such.

Just another thing to add about the pony. Two years ago she began rubbing her butt on things until she literally was bloody. The first vet (new graduate) suggested lice which I knew was not right as they would all have lice. No pin worms either. This last vet said it was an allergy to fly bites (why just rub the butt then?). She also has an enlarged thyroid. One graduate said it was a goiter. The next said she was hyper thyroid. The last vet says it is a cyst and does not affect thyroid function.

It is frustrating because I have to be the vet myself. I also have to be my own doctor (lyme disease). Is there anything we can trust someone else to know what they are doing?


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