Re: Passing of a great Pony

Elva J Mico

Sandi wrote:
I am very sad, I have no idea how I will replace such a trusted companion, but I want to thank everyone who helped us over the years.
and all who work so hard with the research on Cushings & IR. I especially wish to thank Dr Kellon who helped us this spring when her
sugars went up. She worked usually 5 days a week all summer and never had any hoof problems. Thank You everyone.
Dear Sandi,
I am so very sorry, Cassie sounds like such a great companion as well as enjoying her tasks. I just wrote to one other about losing Teddi and now Cassie....I am in tears because I know how we all feel about our precious companions and how we grieve when we have to say good bye. I am so sure, however, that we will meet them again and want you to know that too. Please accept my deepest sympathy and I will also add you and Cassie to my prayers that you may have strength and courage to deal with her leaving. God Bless You.

Elva and Angel Satin
New Mexico/2004

I was a dancer. One night at a gypsy camp, I drank a potion meant for
another and lost my heart to a horse named Satin.

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