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My daughter Sara's horse Khandi Bey, is an 17 year old National Show Horse
Our vet explained that she was showing signs of Cushings and IR due to the following:

1. Unexplained lameness
2. Cresty Neck and fat pads at her tail head that seemed to appear overnight (she is feed very little grain 1/4 scoop of MP Safe Performance, beet pulp (w/molasses) and grass.
3. Occasionally she seemed to grow a coat overnight, however not too bad right now.

We are currently awaiting the results of blood work drawn on Monday. The vet gave instructions of complete stall rest, no grass, continue with 1 & 1/2 measuring cups of grain and 1/2 scoop of beet pulp without molasses, and soaked T & A hay (up to 4 flakes)per day. She also recommended slippers with pads which stay on 12 hours per day. Khandi has had them on and is walking nearly sound, but still lame on turns. Khandi acts as though we are starving her.

I read some posts about magnesium helping to calm horses down. I would like to get Khandi started on that, as she will start weaving or pacing with the slightest bit of action around our barn. What would be a good dose to start her off on with the magnesium?
Hi Shannon,
You'll be getting more info from the pros here, but in the meantime, In the Emergency Diet info on the site, 1.5 g of mag per 500lbs body weight is recommended, not necessarily for calming, but it's good for these horses. She can have 2% of her ideal body weight in the soaked hay, (weighed dry), so you may find she can have more hay, once you weigh it. It's best if you can spread out her meals throut the day. Grain isn't recommended , so you might want to drop that and grad. increase the rinsed/soaked/rinsed non-molasses beet pulp a bit as a subst. for the grain. That's a little something to go on till you get the detailed greeting, you might want to look at the ecirhorse site, clicking on emergency diet, and scroll thru the files here on this site. You're in the right place to help your girl. Try not to panic, you'll get this and she can get on the right track.
Laura K Chappie & Beau

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