Re: Should I be worried? Did a dumb thing last night...


I could kick myself!...... BUT FORGOT TO SHUT HIS GATE



I read this yesterday with great empathy for you, as I know the feeling myself.  I think we've all probably been there at one time or another.  How is Shahtahr today?


Let me tell you my "how stupid can you get story."  Several years ago,  I forgot to shut the gate to the feed room one evening and remembered at about 2:30 AM,  WHILE I WAS AT WORK!!  Fortunately someone was coming in at 3am and the person who was supposed to go home stayed and let me go.  Well, my 2 boys had eaten almost a whole 50 pound bag of Equine Senior!!  Needless to say, the vet was there in short order, and when my husband got up at 5am to go to work that morning the vet and I were sitting at the kitchen table having coffee, the horses having been tubed and oiled, Bantamine given, and walked until they pooped. After that, the horse feed got moved into the basement, but  I still wake up in a panic sometimes (rarely anymore) and have to run out to the barn to check on the boys.  All ended up well, but now I double and triple check every gate before I leave the barn, because I know it only takes a moment of distraction to create a disaster.  Don't beat yourself up.  I bet everyone on this list could give you at least one example of when they had a "stupid" moment!  And I laughed out loud at Mandy's comment of having to say out loud "I shut the gate." I can SO identify, as I find myself doing the same thing as I walk up to the house from the barn.  I hope Shahtahr is fine today!  Let us know.

Maggie and Chancey in VA
March 2011

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