Struggling with feed change


I am currently feeding Hedy Triple Crown Senior and timothy hay. Since the TC Senior has molasses in it I think it would be smart to change, particularly given the time of year and renewed symptoms that used to be controlled by Prascend. We have increased her dose from 1/2 mg to 1 mg. She is slightly underweight so that is also a consideration.

I've spoken to an equine nutritionist at our local coop (they work closely with KER) and she recommends a food called Pace-Maker Fat and Fiber (link to description - or All in One ( I am also looking at a TC feed ( Are any of these suitable?

I also have easy access to ODTBC and Timothy Balanced cubes. Since I buy hay frequently from a variety of sources so there is no point in testing it, would it make sense to switch to one of these for more consistency?

Your thoughts would be appreciated.

Vicki and Hedy in VA
May 2012\;

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