Re: Struggling with feed change

Pamela Bramell

Vicki (and Hedy, love the name!),
Here's a link to a file that has a breakdown of a lot of feeds. You can also go to the Triple Crown website and search around on there. They have a chart with all of their feeds nutritional info right there. I know the chart is in a funky place, but don't have it bookmarked at work. If you squirrel around the site, you will find it. TC has some safe feeds and since you can get their products easily, may just be a matter of switching to one of their other products. Also, the ODTB cubes are always a good, safe choice.

Pam/Butters/Frosty - who had a great ride yesterday/Story

I've spoken to an equine nutritionist at our local coop (they work closely with KER) and she recommends a food called Pace-Maker Fat and Fiber (link to description - or All in One ( I am also looking at a TC feed ( Are any of these suitable?

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