Re: New mini with Cushings - where to start?


I did a case history for her, but can't seem to figure out how to get it into ECH6? The links in the case history form would not work? She is a 15 yr old paint mare with some TB a few generations back. Her diet today is crab grass. Her pasture is my yard. She does get about a 1 1/2# oats and 1# alfalfa pellets morning and night with her ranitidine. Her diet has not changed in over 6 months. I think the best for her for getting blood pulled is to get some ODTBC and put her in the pony's dry lot with horses within sight and feed this to her the day before we pull the blood on Monday morning. I am not going to give her her ranitidine Mon. until after we pull blood. We are going to do the ACTH/insulin/liptin-(think I remembered that right). She really has no symptoms of IR other than the tender feet. AS far as pulling blood today do you mean using a human glucometer?
I will keep working trying to post her case history, but this is some info.
Jennifer in VA

If she's a TB and you start her on the low s/s diet you will get low
numbers. What you should do is fill out a case history at ECH6 and tell us
more about her. What is her diet today? You can pull blood on her today
and see where she stacks on the IR calculator.....then make a decision if
DIET changes are called for. Her hay is balanced, right? Is she
getting enough magnseium? Have you ever had your grass tested at Dairy
One aka EA?
Mandy in VA'
EC Primary Response
OCT 2003

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