Bad luck

Shevawn Romine

Hello, I have owned a couple horses over the last 12 years, always boarding them. Have read everything I can get my hands on over this time, so cannot believe that I purchased a horse with IR and chronic laminitis totally unaware. I could see she was overweight, but thought that would be easy to resolve, did not notice the specific fact she had fat pads on rump, above eyes and withers. Seller said she had "Never had ANY health problems"!. I believed and also didn't get a vet check, which was another mistake. Anyway, have some questions. Do any supplements work that I have read about, such as Laminasaver? Am having some issues with boarding facility complying with hay soaking, etc. prescribed by vet - but that is another story. She did not do well with being stalled, tore up the expensive "Soft ride" boots the vet prescribed in no time, ripped mane out reaching through the fence trying to get grass, etc. Switched her to Triple Crown - Lite feed. Had been planning to move to property where I can have my horses, but will this type of horse EVER be able to just be pasture kept horse? All thoughts appreciated..

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