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My horse has been on Fat & Fiber for 3 years and does well on it except when
the BO and I screw up on the pasture letout. However, I joined this group a
few weeks ago and so inquired of the equine specialist at Pacemaker about
the product. The attached PDFs, and message below, are from her. I do not
have enough insight to comment on the information. My questions came from a
file in the discussion group.


September 2012

My first post in forum

Hi Karin,

1.What is the actual/analysed NSC (nonstructural carbohydrate content) of
the product?

Fat & Fiber is < 14% NSC

2. Is the NSC checked by analysis on all individual ingredients before the
feed is made?
Some, not all.

3. Is the NSC checked by analysis on the finished prodcut after every batch?


The problem is, you can't just go by the NSC value of the feed. Insulin
resistant horses need feeds that are low glycemic, not just low NSC. I have
attached a couple articles by Dr. Pagan that I thought you might find
helpful. Insulin resistant horses can also be helped by feeding small
frequent meals because that will also keep the glycemic response low. The
addition of fat or oil to the feed is also known to lower the glycemic
response to a meal which is why a small amount is added to Fat & Fiber. Fat
& Fiber is designed to be a low glycemic feed based on research that is
current to date. If the horse can tolerate more calories in his diet,
additional oil can be added.

Cindy Dell

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