Re: Time to Clip???

Saucier Kathy

Laura, if you are afraid to do a body clip, you could settle for a trace
clip. Just shave the area from the chest up the neck to the throat and wide
enough to go beyond the neck grooves on each side.

I'm here in north TX with Meg and we have even had to clip a non Cushing's
horse in our barn because of the coat she gets and the heat we have. And
gave mine a trace clip yesterday. I kept a trace clip all last winter and
it sure helped with dissipating the heat, especially when I rode him.

Years ago when I had my Cushing's horse Magic, I did body clips from March
until October. He grew plenty coat for winter again after that October
clip. I used one of those Clipmasters (big heavy clippers that cover a lot
of area at a time and built to withstand the work) with a blade that cut
just slightly longer than regular clippers.

Hope that helps.

Kathy Saucier



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