Would you test for Cushings and/or IR?


Hi. I've been lurking for month but need perspective from this group. My vet is coming on Friday for a lameness evaluation. Should I warn him so he can do a blood draw to test for EC/IR? Should I cancel the new trimmer scheduled to come late in the month and schedule a laminitis specialist I know of? Here's the background.

Satra came to me in May 2012, an 18 yo Rocky Mt Horse mare. She'd been living on 2 flakes of alfalfa, came with two broken molars, untrimmed, ribby, hippy, no top line, and pot-bellied. She was sore behind, I assumed from arthritic hocks. She was shed out. My equine vet examined her and did plenty of dental work. I put her on a balanced hay diet (S+S=8.8%), flaxseed, minerals with an amino acid supplement and Vit. E as per Dr. Kellon's NRC Plus course, wormed her even tho her Mod.McMasters showed zero, trimmed her and got her body condition issues largely resolved. She is now bright eyed, has good energy and no patchy fat. She is not cresty or over-weight. She has no laminitic stance. She's 18 yo, so I don't consider her sedate pace of life unusual.

Earlier this month, on Oct. 3, the day after a trim, she became lame in front. My other horse trimmed the same day also got foot sore the same day, so I assumed the trimmer was at fault. But...there are general symptoms:

-enlarged teats. She was a former broodmare. Aren't enlarged teats typical?
-slight pot-bellied barrel. Again, is that typical of former broodmares?
-filling of the supraorbital cavity over one eye only.
-long, fine winter coat. Both mares have coats now, of course, but this is just...longer, not curly, not coarse, not like other Cushings horses I've seen, but I haven't seen many.
-intense appetite when she should be full. My other mare isn't hungry often. They have small mesh hay nets with a weighed ration of hay in front of them 24/7.
-odd horizontal cracks in her hooves right at the point of stress and growth ring showing when she arrived here, got her trimmed and I balanced her diet. They seemed like a likely place to see cracks.
-drinking far more than the other mare and possibly urinating more.
-runny eyes. Eye issues can be genetic with many RMH.

Advice and opinions would be greatly appreciated. Maybe this is clearcut to someone who can advise. Thanks,

Sonoma County, Northern CA

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