Re: Would you test for Cushings and/or IR? - history, photos added


Thanks for your prompt responses. I asked my vet to do a blood draw for the Cornell tests and to take hoof X-rays tomorrow. I will get his recommendation for future hoof care before choosing a trimmer/farrier.

I posted a history in ECHistory6 as Cass in Northern California.

I posted photos of Satra and the shots of her feet that I could manage. I will add focused shots of her soles when I have help!

I have several questions, if it's okay.
Is it harmful to feed "meals" of a couple of pounds to PPID/IR horses? I feed two 2.5lb meals/day, morning and evening, in the run while I pick the pastures. Do meals "flood" a horse with sugars and starch?

Is it harmful to feed grass hay chaff? My hay nets, The Hay Pillow brand, contain chaff and chopped/broken hay that is left in the bags after they are mare-handled for 24 hours. I thought they would make chewing easier for Satra, who is missing 2 molars, and I've been feeding it as her two 2.5 lb meals/day.

Should I gradually switch over to my second lot of hay with very low sugar and starch, 4.8% + .4% = 5.2%?

Is is harmful to flavor supplements with 4 oz. of unsweetened apple sauce (11 g of carbs)? I reduced the amount to 2 oz. and can try eliminating the apple sauce altogether if preferable.

I'd like to say it's a huge relief not to be going it alone!

Cass on behalf of Satra
Sonoma County, CA
Oct. 2012

Could you please post pics of her feet with the camera on the ground, up close. Front/sides/soles all centered in the frame when taken would help the hoof gurus assess her trim and give you more guidance.
Would you please add your year of joining to your signature - helps us to know where you are on your journey here. Thanks.

Lavinia, Dante, George Too and Peanut
Jan 05, RI
EC Support Team

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