Re: Would you test for Cushings and/or IR? - history, photos added


I need to know a LOT more about low grade laminitis and what's "normal" for an 18 yo horse. I'd appreciate any insight. Satra's history is a black box, in that her former owner represented that she'd never had a single veterinary issue and had never been lame. I knew this was untrue the first time I saw the mare, so anything is possible. For that matter, I could have foundered her myself if "low grade" means chronic inconspicuous inflammation.

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Oct. 2012

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BUT, the symptoms of low grade laminitis are often seen in the hind end. If the fronts are a bit sore, the hind end doesn't have the chance to step forward/under in a dynamic fashion. As a matter of fact, when I am checking to see if Pap might be a little foot sore with his fronts, I watch the hind end.

And I agree as well that it appears the CB is sitting a little lower than one would want, although we see it so often that I'm wondering at what point it might just be a variant expected with domestic horsekeeping, much less a horse with history of IR and/or PPID.

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