Questions about diet balancing for EC/IR horse


Today my vet confirmed that my 18 yo RMH mare, Satra, has Cushings. I will not have a copy of the test results until next week. We're doing a blood draw for IR next week, but I'm operating on the assumption that Satra is IR. I need to package supplements now for the next month, so this doesn't have to be perfect, just the best possible knowing what we know (very little).

I've balanced Satra's hay for an 500 kg horse at maintenance. I am comfortable doing mineral calcs and ratios. I've tested my hay and balanced Satra's diet for the past 5 months. I know how to calculate the volume of a mineral supplied by a given supplement, and I know how to bulk mix supplements (thank goodness!). And I still have a few questions.

- If I supplement iodine at 100% of the NRC minimum, is it adequate because iodine is so well absorbed? Or should I go 150%? HIgh nitrate hay is not a problem. I've read suggested supplementation at different levels:
3.5 mg/500 kg horse *** This is what I've been using, from my course materials.***
2.5 mg/500 lb horse. This equals 5.5 mg/500 kg.

- Since I'm using organic selenium yeast, is 100% of the NRC minimum adequate? I haven't tested Satra's selenium levels. ***I've been supplementing at 1 mg/500 kg horse.

- Is it safe to use California Trace even tho it contains rice bran? It supplies some of the trace minerals at adequate levels and I just add the small amounts of I, Zn and Mn needed to reach the right ratios for my hay.

- Is it safe to use California Trace Plus? I liked that it supplies essential amino acids, and Satra had little topline when I got her.



Sonoma County, CA
Oct. 2012

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