Re: Yet another newbie.....can I see some before and afters?


Hi, Mandy,
Prascend dosage and administration instructions **do** allow tablets to be split carefully to avoid ingesting the drug, but the tablets should not be crushed.

"It has been reported that pergolide tablets may cause eye irritation, an irritating smell, or headache when Prascend Tablets are split or crushed. Prascend Tablets should not be crushed due to the potential for increased human exposure and care should be taken to minimize exposure when splitting tablets. The tablets are scored and the calculated dosage should be provided to the nearest one-half tablet increment (see Table 1)."

The information is here:

I looked at this today when I opened the box for the very first time.

Sonoma County, CA
Oct. 2012

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The prascend tablet says it cant be broken.

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