Re: Pookey's 'drinking problem'--need advice!

Suzie MacDougall <walking_s_mac@...>

Just a thought are you sure he has not had a small choke episode that
has made him sore in the throat?

another thought Years ago I had a mare do similar we checked everything
until I left her with the vet - long story short she had a small piece
of wire that had embedded in her tougue and this was only found by
x-ray - and once excised she recovered very quickly. I mention this
because vet had never seem this before other than 1 refence in a text.
She was one of australias leading equine vets so plenty of experience -
this happened during a period of drought when all the horses where
eating close to the ground and all sorts of odd things where coming to
the surface - the wires was from an old netting fence.
Suzie in Oz 2000ish

On 11/11/2012 8:13 AM, lonestarquarterh wrote:

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Blood panel to check kidney and liver functions?


Thanks--kidney and liver are fine, all labs are normal, all vital
signs WNL, when I can get something in him (grass, and tubed water) he
passes normal manure, and urinates normally.

I am at a loss for why a seemingly healthy, happy horse would simply
quit drinking.

Lisa in TX
Pookey Bear
June 2010

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