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Thank you Linda, I appreciate your reply.

Well, it was certainly warmer when I tested them the first time (Aug). I wasn't aware I needed to factor the weather in, so I paid no attention to the temp that morning. We did have a warmer than usual October though, a *guess* would be around 40* give or take a few degrees.

So, apparently the weather concept plays a factor, is there a formula to use in adjusting for the temp variation? Why would I be testing her Insulin during the peak of the rise then, when it's always colder? Egad, that was stupid! LOL!! Her ACTH has improved, but now there's a good probability the Insulin reading isn't any good. So, technically we have no tools to see how were doing for our PPID/IR horses when the weather is cold, outside of assessing them physically. Is it then safe to assume if her ACTH number is good, then her Insulin must be too (in the colder months only)? That is if her diet is tight and I have all her other dicks in a row.

I understand your Leptin comment, I'm about as confused as I can get concerning Rusty's results. Any thoughts as to whether to leave him on 0.5 mg of Pergolide all the time or just through Dec? I could take him off at the end of Dec, but I can't test his G/I in the winter as it wont be accurate anyway (on the off chance he is IR with his current Leptin result). I'm at a loss as to what to do. Physically, he's had no signs of IR. Never had Laminitis, he's not obsessive about food either. No crest or any fat pads either. He's not overweight, nor too thin. He's never cranky and his feet are coming along really nice.

Jan (who's pulling her hair out and kicking herself!Quite a sight to see actually!!) ~ Dandy and Rusty

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Jan -
But, as far as the elevated insulin with Dandy - what were the ambient temps when the blood was drawn? Temps below 40* are a confounding factor in assessing equine insulin.

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