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Well, it was certainly warmer when I tested them the first time (Aug). I wasn't aware I needed to factor the weather in, so I paid no attention to the temp that morning. We did have a warmer than usual October though, a *guess* would be around 40* give or take a few degrees.
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So, apparently the weather concept plays a factor, is there a formula to use in adjusting for the temp variation?
Not that I know of.

Is it then safe to assume if her ACTH number is good, then her Insulin must be too (in the colder months only)? That is if her diet is tight and I have all her other dicks in a row.
That is how I would approach it. Cold induced laminitis is a potential, but that truly seems to be related to the environment.

I understand your Leptin comment, I'm about as confused as I can get concerning Rusty's results. Any thoughts as to whether to leave him on 0.5 mg of Pergolide all the time or just through Dec?
You could leave him on it until April, take him off and test and see what his baseline is during the lowest time of the year. Then decide from there as to how to approach next fall.

Jan (who's pulling her hair out and kicking herself!Quite a sight to see actually!!) ~ Dandy and Rusty
I am too. It's always something.

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