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Howdy Group,
Dawn has been having a lot of foot health issues for the past few weeks. She's been foot sore, limping on different feet on different days. The farrier found a nasty pocket of bacterial growth in her left front and had to take off much of her frog. I've been treating all feet for thrush. Then there is that weird V-shaped thing on her right hind. A B.C. farrier (Heather) thinks it is a bacterial infection of the horn and that all these problems (abscess, bacterial and fungal infections) are due to unhealthy hooves. She suggested this might be helped with a hoof supplement.

I don't know if Heather is familiar with ODTB cubes but in message # 149641 Lavinia advised another member using them not to supplement with Farrier's Formula (the one I was considering till someone said it used alfalfa) as it might upset the cubes' balance. However, if Dawn's feet are not doing well (for what ever reason, old age, PPID, etc) would adding more Biotin, Methionine/Zinc, Calcium and possibly Copper be a bad thing?

Or should I just get some biotin and give her 20mg per day to see if it helps?

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