Re: Pookey's 'drinking problem'--need advice!

Lisa S

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Could ulcers cause a horse not to want to drink?

We are considering the possibility of colonic ulcers/right dorsal colitis, though he does not appear to be uncomfortable at all.

My dilemma is this: because he still tests as uncompensated IR, I do not want to give him anything that is going to help his current problem, but trigger laminitis.

So does anyone know how one might manage an IR horse suspected of having colonic ulcers?

Gastric ulcers I 'get'--we have been there before!

Would Succeed be a good option to try, or should I just trickle feed him alfalfa for a bit to see if that helps? He IS eating a bale of nice alfalfa I picked up yesterday.

Nancy and Suzie- we did an oral exam (WNL) but could have missed an imbedded grass awn or foreign body. Will try to x-ray. In his youth, when he was on pasture or bad hay, he would occasionally get sore spots in his mouth--but they always drove him to drink MORE water, not less. And he is chewing quite normally when he does eat the grass or alfalfa.

Thanks for helping me think this through.

Lisa in TX
Pookey Bear
June 2010

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